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PBG is Expanding!

PBG’s New Line of Accessories

Coming Soon!

NOT BRAGGING! -> I hear “I like your style” a lot. Probably because it’s in your face and you don’t know what else to say when a neon orb walks in the room that is me. Sometimes I look super “artsy” and people ask what I do. Sometimes I have paint on my face.

Having my new business brain on all the time I can’t help but think it would be fun to start a new line of fashion accessories for people like me. ┬áThat way when people ask “where’d u get dat?!?” I can say “I made it!” Right now I’m experimenting with a few things and we’ll see how they go on Etsy.

EXCITING AND FUN! Woohoo! Sneak peak:

White PBG Clutch Turquoise PBG Clutch