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Best piece of art in my house.

by Elena H. on Paintings by Genie

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My sweet Roscoe passed away last winter. My husband and I were heartbroken. We talked about getting a puppy, but it didn't feel right. Neither of us felt closure after his passing.

Several friends mentioned Genie's work to me, suggesting it as a cathartic experience during our mourning period. I was hesitant, but reached out to Genie.

She was so warm-hearted, positive, and gentle. She understood how special Roscoe was, took all of my suggestions and applied them with grace to what can only be described as Roscoe in 2D!

My husband and I had to fight back tears when Roscoe's painting arrived. It was him! The emotions, his adorable expression, everything. It is hard to describe in words, but Genie's version of our baby Roscoe provided the closure we so desperately needed.

Thank you, Ms. Genie! You were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end, and you truly kept Roscoe's memory alive for years to come. You captured his spirit and preserved it for us.



Amazing painting!
So happy I went with Genie to paint a photo of my schnauzer!

by Grace on Paintings by Genie

Genie has such an incredible and unique talent! She captured my dogs so perfectly!! She is so easy to work with and understands exactly what you are wanting! It is the BEST gift to give and to receive! Thank you, Genie!!

by Charlotte on Paintings by Genie

It was such a pleasure working with Genie! She painted the perfect painting of my boyfriend's dog! I have never been so excited to give a gift! The process was painless and professional.

by Monique on Paintings by Genie
Creative & Fun

Thank-you Genie for the portrait of my two White German Shepherds. Their facial expressions and physical characteristics were incredibly true to life. I appreciated your ongoing communication throughout the development of the portrait and your interest in my continued feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend you to all my animal loving friends. Thanks again!

by Jordan M. on Paintings by Genie

Genie gave me the most wonderful portrait of my cat, Claus. She is talented, beautiful, and a true joy to deal with.

by Dana H on Paintings by Genie
Thank you

I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely painting of my precious max and Allie!!!! It is honestly one of my favorite things! It makes me happy and evokes such a joy of emotion. I'm not someone who knows much about art but I believe that it's suppose to do! Max and Allie have been with my husband and I since college and I truly believe they taught us how to be parents. They taught us about patience, discipline, responsibility, & most importantly love!!! Thank you for capturing them so perfectly!

by Meredith on Paintings by Genie

I was on the hunt for a unique wedding gift that my friends would have for years to come when I saw Genie’s paintings of Bevo. The epitome of the perfect gift for a lifelong, die-hard UT fan. Genie is crazy talented and easy to work with. Several emails about what I wanted and a few weeks later I received a beautifully wrapped package containing the final product. I was so excited that I gave it to my friends within the hour. They were thoroughly impressed and absolutely loved it every bit as much as I did. Genie is a dream to work with and has an amazing ability to take something simple and make it extraordinary. I look forward to working with Genie for a painting to put in my own home!

by Sarah L on Paintings by Genie

Genie has done paintings of two of my dogs and they are fantastic! I loved being able to communicate with her through the process and also get updates of the progress. She is so great to work with and the end result is amazing! Not only is her art work spectacular (you can see that from the pictures), but her heart for what she does is so clear. She really does care about the painting and the subject of the painting. Not too long after I asked her to paint my aging German Shepherd, Xena, I had to put Xena down. A short time later, I got a card from Genie saying how sorry she was. That was a true testament to the heart behind her art. I look forward to getting more paintings done in the future and am so excited to watch as her business grows!

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